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    farlight 84

    So after like 4 hours of trying to figure out what means what here is my thoughts.
    Cheat itself i can give 8/10 but the rest.. So imagine new person trying to figure out what them options means, there is no link for explanation what each setting mean. For example smooth aim 1-100, the bigger value less sticky.

    I did spend most of the time tweaking settings than actually playing. How to tweak aimbot and what means what, is absolutely unclear, and of course about the rest of settings, which have values to input, cheat itself needs a lot of clarification what new person should do ant how to act properly, so overall i am giving 4.5/10 because of the confusion loader creates and lack of information in forum from moderators and cheat creator

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    We do have an explanation of each feature, it's linked from each cheat guide:

    We appreciate the feedback though.

    Thank you for the testimonial. Some additional time has been added to your membership as our way of saying thanks.



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