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    My experience with wallhax

    i have been a customer of theirs for 7 years now. amazing provider in my option. they are very good at telling u if a cheat is detected or not. in my 7 years i used them on and off sometimes depending on the games i play. however i have never received a single ban while using Wallhax cheats if you are careful and pay attention if its detected you wont be banned take it from a 7 year customer im very happy with them. i wish they provided more games but i know they are working on that. the mods are all super friendly and will honestly try their best to help you in any way! if you are on the fence for what cheat provider to go to please take this testimony into consideration their is a reason im here after 7 years! you can even look at my join date to confirm it for yourself! Love everyone at wallhax!

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    Thank you for leaving a testimonial! Your membership has been extended for 3 days as a way of saying thanks.



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