ESP 10/10 - I dunno how about you, but I love when I can see my opponents and their HP bars and much more -)
AIMBOT 9/10 - it could be slightly better with prediction when you use bows, they shoot slow projectiles so its easy to avoid them, but crossbow works great, you just shred people and make them mad
RADAR 10/10 - when you play archer and focus on rekting ppl on distance, this feature is lifesaver when they try to flank you
SECURE 10/10 - I was using it when game released and Im using it now like 100+hours and no detection
LAUNCHER 10/10 - WH launcher is super easy I always loved that, no need to have extra complicated setups, you just pay & play <3

overall - I am happy with a WH product as always, I took some days off and I am having fun farming kills
thank you for your service