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Thread: Mordhau & SOT

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    Mordhau & SOT

    Mordhau was Hard !!!! TOO HARD cuz I didn't have time to practice or learn timing with my work, but I loved that game so I downloaded wallhax. Let me tell you This tool totally changed my gameplay. My Rage moments were Reduced by like 90% XD. it got a little learning curve but with the help of other users, I managed to get the software running and started to use it effectively. Autoblock Works like a Charm Aimbot on point hit 9 out of 10 arrows without any problem. Used it on Sea of Thieves as well, I prefer to play solo but hard af when enemies come in pairs destroying my sloop, but with Wall hax I got that yellow marker to hit them with and an aimbot to shake them off if they try to spawn camp me or come aboard my ship. srsly I didn't think this will be this effective but it is FFS. I was amazed by how secure it is with amazing support by admins if u can figure it out. Truth be told wallhax was not the 1st place I came to looking for a mordhau hack and a sot hack I asked this guy who was selling a hack in which he had gameplay evidence codes and everything to prove he was legit. Who ultimately scammed me out of 10 Euros. really appreciate wallhax for being a Legit Trustworthy team who let me enjoy the game as much as I can with a little edge over other players.

    hope yall keep the good work going and keep those updates rolling fells.
    MAY THE GODS BE WITH YE!!! Savvy!?!

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    Thank you for the testimonial! Some additional time has been added to your membership as our way of saying thanks.



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