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    AIMBOT 9/10
    ESP 8/10
    dmg 10/10

    wallhax team 10/10

    Aimbot is very polished, it works in all modes of the game and is good for cleaning up monsters quickly, it deserves 9 points from me.

    ESP is not yet able to see hidden projects, but that is something they are working on and may be done soon.

    Damage rate, this is a topic of discussion, many people may blame the ban on this, in fact wallhax DMG is very safe, I played on the main account for almost a week without any ban, cheat also has a special kernel protection, specifically for anti-cheat detection.

    Wallhax team is a hack team with rich experience. He can bring you satisfactory experience, so I recommend him.

    The above is my real experience, I deliberately used nearly a week to comment, I am not to subscribe to add a few days, but it is really worth my comment.

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    Cheers for the testimonial. +3 bonus days are added to your membership.



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