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    Chivalry 2 review

    I've been using the cheat enough times now to know how to use it, and how to best use it. Despite it's enormous amount of options, it's probably better to not use them all, because on screen it'll become a clusterfest lol.
    It's not neccesarily bad, but when playing 32vs32 where everyone goes up against eachother, all the esp options this wild cheat has to offer, should be reduced to the bare minimum.
    Aimbot features are best, and most likely only used for the archer class, because it's the only one that shoots something, unless you play a different class and throw your sword at enemies, the aimbot might do the trick also.
    It's error and trial when it comes to this. Youll have to play around. Do not think, you'll end up 1st on the scoreboard that easily. But you will manage to produce better scores with the aimbot for sure.
    Consider the cheat an addon, a help and not something you should use to replace your own gameplay. It will do the trick if you handle it the way you should.

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    Thank you for the review.

    ESP-design wise, anything we could do better to not clutter? I generally think it's not possible in a game where people are standing meters apart.

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