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    Apex Legends - The only testemonial you need!

    The Basics:
    This cheat reminds me of the early days "design cheats" in CS, which you were invited to use. basically you could not buy it online or get it from a website. These hacks were a secret kept hidden from most others and almost only available if you had contacts.
    There are a lot of scams/bloats out there which might seem legit, but are either scetchy AF/doesn't have a proven track record or are easily detectable by the most simple automated anit-cheat system.
    I'm in my third 3-day period of using this client and have had ZERO issues with both the program itself, EAC or the features itself. I'm leaning into committing to a longer period, but it's always a risk/value factor.

    Before buying this (IMO you should) I think there's questions you need to ask yourselves:

    1. Determine why and how you want to use the cheat and wether you are willing to take the risk. Unless you're rage cheating with full metal jacket, "the how" should always surpass "the why".
      Whatever you decide, you will not find a cheat "safer" than this one, expecially for Apex (I'm not using them for other games)
    2. Keep it real - if you get banned, don't shoot the messenger aka Wallhax, because they've made measures to keep the client safe from detection. The ban is almost certainly syntax error aka ON YOU.

    There's not much more to say, it is (as of today) by far the best cheat you can buy (don't be like Bob and download free cheats, it's going to get you insta banned).

    • User friendly: 5/5 (it's literally just an injection and a shortkey to enable the menu which can btw be used with a mouse. The guide on the forum is also helpful if you're not certain)
    • Stability/redudance/security: 5/5 (for almost 8 days in total, I've had 0 issues. Kernel Mode Protection is a huge plus)
    • Detection rate: 5/5 (kinda hard to rate this, but from my experience it's almost foolproof - while opening the client it tells you hov many bans that are reported. Wether this is live or adjusted after the fact I'm not sure)
    • Features: 4.5/5 (Basically has everything you need to "either rage" or "silent cheat"- there's always room for improvement tho)

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    What a great testimonial! I appreciate that you proposed some questions that others should ask when considering using cheats. +3 days of bonus time are added to your membership for taking the time to write this.

    For the reported bans on the client that is pulled from our ban reports forum, from new topics for that game in the last week. So it's representative of users for that game who have completed the report process.

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