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    Red face For those thinking its fake

    How good are these hacks?

    Well my lovelies, these are completely legit.. i went for the three day vip trial just to see if it was, yano in my local currency, it wasn't much to lose if it wasn't..

    but ohhhhhh boy.. these are legit, works a charm on battlefield (all ive tested so far). This menus are great, very simplistic but stylish design makes it easy to navigate, and built in instructions on the webite, and forums to help a lil bit more..

    from wall hacks (seeing their square through surfaces) is a true life saver, being able to react fasttt

    the aimbot, can be very bait, and they do warn you to use with caution (i played with it a couple games, got called a hacker once, cause i was dominating with a sniper xD)

    what im saying is, this website is the REAL DEAL, and for those sceptical, try the vip trial, or a trial that suits you. and youll see.

    ill be coming here from now on for my hacks. thanks guys!

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    Awesome testimonial, thank you for writing this! Your membership has been extended for 3 days as a way of saying thanks.



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