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    Warframe Review v2

    This will be my second review on this particular product after taking a long break from game and cheats in general. Everything stated below is my personal opinion and based on my experiences so your experience may vary.

    As I said in my previous review, there is nothing special here. Setup and injection is straight forward and the UI looks exactly like all of the other Wallhax products so if you've used them before you'll already know exactly what to do. The one thing that still sets Wallhax apart from other providers is their console tab.

    I do not use aimbots on any cheat I use. The risk of detection just seems too high and I've spent years training my aim in various games. I prefer to "closet hack" and not give off any hints that I might be using an external program. I'd advise not using this feature but I cannot give it an honest review without using it.

    2D/3D ESP:
    The Wallhax ESP has always been simple and clean. The main reason I would use ESP is the find synthesis targets, destroyers in Disruption missions, or helping to find those pesky energy drain eximus enemies. The name ESP has not been working for the entire month that I have purchased so I often find myself not even injecting the cheat because this is the feature that I had used the most. The game already has a built-in ESP to an extent with enemy radar mods so just knowing where the enemies are is not enough to really give you advantage from ESP.

    This part is what originally brought me to Wallhax in the first place. Their damage/crit modifiers were activated from the console which have now been moved into the general UI options for easier access. Every setting in the menu can be fine tuned through the console for those who know how to use it.

    I feel like the quality has dropped a little since my last review. The "item ESP" that originally brought me back to Wallhax has been down for months it seems and without the name ESP that I used the most it seems that I find myself not even injecting the cheat when I play unless it is to check and see if features have been updated. All in all, the hack is great and will put you miles ahead if you want it to.

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    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a testimonial. I have added 3 days of time to your subscription

    Gokke has mentioned recently he is looking to bring back Item ESP so maybe there will be some good news on that front.

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    Thank you for the review. By "Name ESP not working", do you mean the actual Player names not displaying or?



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