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    Sea Of Thieves Dream HAX

    A Dream of a Hack for Sea of Thieves, Ever wanted to just obliterate the enemy ?

    This is what you want!

    Ever just wanted to sail peacefully solo but have to deal with pesky Reapers or just your typical pirates?
    They won't stand a chance.

    Become the Pirate Lord you were Destined to be!

    With WALLHAX You can setup your aimbot to how you see fit, with its very easy to use and modify menu's.

    Find those annoying captain keys for your merchant voyages with ease.
    Find specific Animals for delivery
    Find and slay every animal with ease for your hunters commendations.
    Find hidden loot in the water around every island
    Head shot every skeleton or player you see fit. (can be adjusted to a aim key)
    Very simple HUD menu with a tonne of adjustables.
    Solo sloop a 4 player Galleon ? Yea no worries , With WALLHAX Cannon Prediction ... NEVER MISS A SHOT With its amazing shot drop prediction.

    ARENA? Haha what a joke... destroy anyone and everyone that comes into path.

    Easy gold? Sure throw up that reaper flag and let them come to you, clear them out and take their loot ...sell it.
    Not sure if ships are coming , WALLHAX ESP is your best friend!
    Need warning that someone or something is looking or aiming at you? WALLHAX will notify you!

    The hack is limitless, you can adjust pretty much anything and everything and I cannot give WALLHAX as much credit as they deserve.

    What can i say... I'm a pirate and WALLHAX just made me a Pirate God.



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    What a testimonial! Thank you very much for this, and we are glad to hear you enjoy the SoT cheat

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    Thank you for leaving a testimonial! Your membership has been extended for 3 days as a way of saying thanks.



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