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    Sea Of Thieves

    I'm reluctant to give WallHax a good review in all honesty ! ! !

    Because if word get's out just how good it is then more people are sure to use it.

    I started playing Sea Of Thieves a few day's ago, and as a new player I literally spent the first two days dead, sunk and wanting to smash my keyboard it was so bad the toxic level of grieving I actually gave up on Sea Of Thieves I stood zero chance and wasn't allowed to play the game by seasoned veterans.
    Then I found WallHax and like many of you I was a little unsure, what if I get banned? What if it's a scam? Are the Dev's any good?

    Then I saw the price for a month's access to the SoT hack and was like "Wow that's it? lets give it a go", I mean I cant play the game who cares if they ban me?

    Thing's you should do if you want to use WallHax? Read the forums first, there are some super nice people and guide's on what you need to do.
    DON'T use aim bot at all in SoT it's just not safe or required! You get all you need to be a better manual shooter from the ESP.
    Canon aim help is a god send and literally over powered as hell!

    And if I'm not in the mood to get sat on my a 3-4 man crew and want to collect a boat full of loot and get rich quick? Yer the ESP has meant not one single person has ruined my day without an invite first.

    I honestly can't imagine playing the game without WallHax.

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    Had me a second there! Thank you very much for the review, glad to hear you are enjoying Sea of Thieves!

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    Thank you for writing this! I've extended your subscription by +3 days.



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