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    ******* 2 A++ from a new customer

    Hi All,

    I really have no affiliation with these guys but I've found that my dealings with them have been courteous and professional.

    This in iteself is #1.

    You can have a great bot, or an average bot, but if your support team are lucklaster and treat customers like sheep; then it is not a good community to be in.

    In addition to this,
    I have tested the following Games

    Ark - Works well, and doesnt reduce frame rates significantly playing on a GTX 1080 with a 17 7820HK
    Destinty - Flawless bots. I'm still progressing through the simply player but it is fun to use.
    Stat wars battelfront 2 - Sadly, this game is dying and have been struggling to finnd matches, but when I have, it's worked very well.

    You guys are doing a great job and we'd really like to more support for games in the future.

    Love sincerely; Cristian <3

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    Glad you've enjoyed our software. I've added 3 extra days to your membership.



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