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    3 Day Apex Legends Testimonial

    Hi All,
    Just want to give some feedback on my experience with the software.
    Firstly, my goal was not to stomp on every lobby with an auto snapping aimbot and rack up 20 kills and 4k damage. I just wanted a little bit of help with my aim, since I am playing on 150 ping.

    At first, after installing the software, it was an information overload, there was so much info on the screen it was hard to process everything. But then after reading the forums, I found a sticky on some recommended settings and after applying this config, I got EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    Here is the thread in case you were interested (

    This is now ideal training software for playing Apex, if you want to improve your rotations, your strategy, then just use the aim assist.
    If you want to improve your awareness, then just use the 3D radar.

    I am a very happy customer and will continue to subscribe from time to time as needed in the future!

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    Thank you for writing a testimonial and sharing the settings that worked well for you! I have extended your membership by 3 days.



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