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    Vip client TESTMONIAL


    i have been using this client since OCTOBER.. and let me tell you. this is fantastic.... i absolutely love this client... the aimbot is NOT TOO AGGRESSIVE and NOT TOO PASSIVE... it falls into the GOLDIELOCKS ZONE as "JUST RIGHT"...

    one of the BIG things is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.... @GOKKE and the rest of the TEAM are ON THEIR SHIT making sure if there IS an issue it is resolved ASAP.....

    dev team/ website team interaction 10/10

    OVERALL 10/10

    This is EASY one of the BEST companies to be a client/customer of... they are ALWAYS on TOP of their game and making sure WE are happy and INFORMED with what's going on.... and I KNOW DAMN WELL that we can be annoying AF when an update goes live and it puts a damper on what we got going on IN GAME.... BUT just be patient and within just a little while ... things are back to normal.... when we are pissing off STREAMERS and the sweatiest of TRYHARDS......

    see you guys in the crucible......


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    Thank you very much for the kind words, and awesome testimonial!

    /Moved thread to testimonials.

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    What an awesome testimonial, thank you! I have added 3 days of time to your subscription for leaving us a testimonial



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