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    Chivalry 2 Review

    Hereís my review of the Chivalry 2 cheat.

    The aimbot for Chivalry 2 is pretty solid. After messing around with the presets, I found a solid build thatís reliable and effective to use. The aim lock is great, quick, and makes archery WAAAY more fun now than it is normally. Considering that the the hit boxes seem to be small for chivalry 2 players, the aimbot does a good job of locking even with people randomly strafing. People already complain about archers, but with this people will genuinely hate you. It feels good.

    No bans so far so what else is there to say? No one has called me out or even hinted as if I was doing some nefarious. Itís nice to see a solid product that has minimal risk, yet maximizes fun.

    ESP, health boxes and other features provide solid additions to the cheat. I prefer a minimum/basic setup, but I found myself playing through the options for an hour as it was enjoyable to see the various customizations.

    FOV indicators:
    Not sure if itís a local issue but I didnít see anyway of visualizing the FOV indicator. Hopefully in future builds itís implemented, as I like to have a smaller FOV then what I was experiencing. If it is already please let me know so I can adjust it haha.

    Final Thoughts
    Great product! Glad I bought it and looking forward to future purchases with this community.

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