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    Sea of Thieves Testimonial

    Sea of Thieves


    The ESP for this cheat works exactly as intended! You are able to see skeltons, enemy pirates��*☠️, enemy ships, storage, treasure, and so many other things! Being able to see enemy ships approaching is a major advantage and gives your crew plenty of time to prepare for an attack! It also helps when you are in close combat and the enemy pirate tries to runaway and hide! Also being able to see treasure floating in the ocean, under the ocean, on players ships, on land, helps so much and can save you a bunch of time!This is just a fantastic feature!



    This feature alone can be the difference between life or death on the dangerous seas! Being able to snap onto enemy pirates and take them out before they get the chance on you is amazing! We all know that there is nothing worse than dying and waiting to respawn wondering if your ship is still afloat! Some times it gets hard to hit enemies when you shooting from a moving ship, but other than that being able to take out enemy pirate ships with the super accurate cannon PREDICTION is also a fantastic feature and one I highly recommend!



    The prediction markers sure do come in handy that's for sure! Being able to see the cannonball prediction is a huge lifesaver!



    Once again security for Wallhax's products does not seem to be an issue! And that's why Wallhax is the only provider I trust!


    Using this product is a great investment! There is nothing worse than seeing your treasure taken by enemy pirates:/ But with the Sea of Thieves cheat that Wallhax offers you can trust that you have a great advantage over all other players! If you are a fan of the game, or are looking to get into it, then I suggest getting this cheat!

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    Appreciate the testimonial synax! I've extended your subscription by 3 days for taking the time to write this.

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