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    Dead By Daylight Review

    Unbelievable... That's what I would describe this hack as if I only had 1 word.

    In this review I will talk about both the survivor and killer benefits to this hack:


    Using the hacks as survivor are super helpful - Being able to know what each totem has (Especially for a pesky Ruin/Haunted combo) can be super super useful. The ESP for both the Killer and Teamates is almost flawless, with a little bit of tweaking to be done for when killers are vaulting through windows. Auto-Skill ran along side brand new part is lethal for gen rushing killers as well as being able to go on twitter when I am left on a hook to die with a poor survivor solo queue... Also used this hack to clean through my adepts as bringing a key into a match where u always know where the killer and hatch are, SUPER USEFUL

    My only negative from me is about the Auto Skill Check hack- I noticed when going against a doctor this hack is a little to unreliable to comfortably use (Either skillchecks being hit too early or not at all) but its the only one of all the killers that I have noticed any issues with.


    Ooooh boy okay if you really wanna have fun with this hack PLAY KILLER! I used to main Blight and The Shape back when I used to play. I was rusty as hell and wanted to try some Spirit - If any of the mods are reading this... I HAVE to upload the footage of the Spirit gameplay as it is CRACKED. A constant survivor ESP, being able to see what gens are on what percent, AND it ALL working while in haunting form of spirit is just crazy lethal. I don't think I had a single match where I didn't 4k (At least the ones where I didn't give hatch) and climbed from Rank 20 killer all the way to rank 1 in less than a day. If you use this hack just try spirit with it and enjoy. No Stridor - No Problem XD

    Today unfortunately my hack expires but once I get my next pay check I will be renewing for a long term experience with this hack and to record some show offs of the hack in use. No Detections with EAC and I'm confident to use with no HWID spoofer so if you are nervous or concerned about it BUY IT NOW.

    Thank you very much Wallhax for an amazing hack :D :cool:

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    Thank you for writing a testimonial! I have extended your membership by 3 days.

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