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    Dead By Daylight Review

    Hello, not being very good in English I therefore translated this text with google.

    First what comes to my mind is the simplicity of injecting the cheat, I will not compare it to other sellers but it is really very simple, no problem with the anti-virus or BSOD none problem on that side.

    Secondly, the cheat is really easy to use with as the name indicates "wallhax" just what it takes to be able to properly play Dead By Daylight without taking the lead, ie constantly seeing the killer the friends the generators totem box exit doors as well as the hatch.

    The cheat does not eat up a lot of resources, which allows the game to run at a resonable fps rate (here I can still compare it to other cheats which literally ate my memory and cpu) so we have a very fluid game with an esp that suits me perfectly.

    I must have been using the cheat for 2-3 days, I haven't noticed any particular problem (no frankly, no crash no BSOD nothing everything works fine)

    The menu is easy to learn if you've been a cheater for a long time, some settings need to be made but overall everything is already ready, the best is to try in the tutorial and then adjust the cheat as you wish. .

    What could possibly be a good thing for the cheat in the future would be and I have already seen it in the forum added the pallets as well as the windows, and maybe with the auto skillcheck not to always hit the perfect.

    Honestly the price justifies the cheat and the work implemented I am thinking of the site admins as well as the coders and there are regular updates and despite the status of the cheat there has been no ban for several months and I wanted to say, when we cheat we are aware of

    what we do if we eat a ban, it's the game.

    Here I think that's a bit of everything, really satisfied I recommend it to you I cheat since I was 12 years old I started on cs 1.6 I have 28 now lol so really a good cheat.

    Take care of yourself.

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    Thank you for writing a testimonial! I have extended your membership by 3 days.

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