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    CSGO review

    WallHax CSGO has all the features you need to be a closet cheater, this seems to be one of the best cheat providers when it comes to closet cheating / legit cheating.

    3D/2D Radar have all the visual features you could ask for. You won't miss a incoming enemy.

    The Aimbot has many features that allow you to make your aim look smooth and realistic, or fast and blatant. I personally play on the legit side and am yet to be called out by any spectators.

    GUI allows you to see important information without even having to tab out.

    like gui lets you know important information about enemies without you thinking, allowing you to be alerted about a near by enemy or have more space to think about what'll you do next.

    The Menu is easy to navigate and figure out, and if you need more help asking question is a breeze with active staff. Take a look around the forums, you will see them responding constantly.

    The Staff Team is what really surprises me, from the many cheat providers I've come from I haven't see this much communication between the buyer and staff before. It's really nice to see.

    To add to all of this, with a 1 VIP sub, you get access to so many cheats. You don't see that anywhere else. Maybe you'll discover a new game you like

    Thanks for reading, and thank you staff team keep it up, love seein you guys be active.

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    We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a testimonial. I have added some time to your subscription



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