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    The best mid range game cheat provider!

    I have used many game cheat providers in the past but I think at the moment WallHax is a good choice for those who are looking for an early start, in terms of knowing, how to use and enjoy paid game cheats. As far as I know, I've had friends who used WallHax and I think their cheats are truly undetected as long as you play the games in an ethical manner.

    The price is OK for those who have the audacity to purchase the trial package as I am now but for around 20 per month you could try WallHax as an good trial and error, where if you like the games they are offering then, WallHax is great choice for you, otherwise I would say that it's not waste of money and it's cheaper than some other providers that ask for hundreds to cheat on some of the AAA games that WallHax is offering for dirt cheap

    I would rate WallHax 7/10 and I had the pleasure using it for a single day, yet I have 2 more days to use it until it expires. I hope this review inspires the admins to do some PR marketing and categorize themselves as a good option for those who want to try game cheats for the first time or for a bit cheaper price than other providers

    Oh and I did test Warframe and Battlefield 5, the cheats works perfectly on both games and the aimbot functions are alright for those who want to get used to mid price tag range cheats.

    After all, I want to say, stay safe and stay healthy during this pandemic!

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    Appreciate the testimonial, I've extended your subscription for taking the time to write this.



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