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    I'm not here to get any additional subscription time although I don't argue

    But, I am here to tell you about the Warframe Cheat/Hack as for the main reason, it's just good. It's not easy to bypass anti-cheats nowadays with all the new additional layers of security they keep adding, though WallHax always keep up with them and provides the best service out there in my opinion.

    I've used this cheat for quite some time, even in my army days.. I recently bought it and was amazed how well they keep it up-to-date, they also added Infinite Ammo, great bonus if you ask me.
    I also use the Damage and Crit multipliers for both Operator and Frame which with that, you simply can't die really, beating missions so quickly with little effort.

    This is a short testimonials as I can go on and on about this, but this sums it up and shows you how well this cheat is made, I recommend WallHax %100.

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    Thanks for the testimonial! I've extended your membership a bit



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