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    Warframe Testimonial

    Let me start of by saying that I have played Warframe since 2014 I have been banned on a few alts for hacking and other tomfoolery, but this hack is something else!

    Now I won't list of all the features and what it does, you can view that for yourself. But what really stands out, is the Damage and Crit multiplier. These tools are brilliant for leveling new frames and weapons to farm mastery, giving you that edge in raids and sorties. Or even just to smash players in PvP. If your concerned about your main being banned using this cheat, just set your damage multiplier to 1.3 and leave your crit at 0 and you will see the difference immediately. Low increases allows you to take on level 60 - 80 enemies with ease without looking suspicious.

    From newcomers to veteran players of warframe, this cheat can provide that small or large boost that you need to gain what you need in the grind fest that is Warframe.

    I highly recommend Wallhax, even at package price the cheat for warframe alone is worth the price.

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    Glad you've enjoyed the Warframe cheat! We're happy it's helped you. I've added a bit of time to your subscription.

    Just a note for newcomers to the game we don't recommend using the Damage/Crit multipliers until you reach a certain mastery rank for safety.



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