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    Testimony: For Those Wondering if This is Legit

    Like you, I had my skepticism about the legitimacy of this site. Because Wallhax was the only site to advertise an operational Sea of Thieves hack, I took the leap. I was not disappointed. This isn't a scam site, the admins are responsive, knowledgeable, and do everything in their power for you to hack safely. I bought their base subscription, and I couldn't be happier. Once I save enough, I'll immediately try their specialized MCC, and will provide another testimonial then.

    This isn't a scam site. They might not be as big as these other hack providers yet (I'm familiar with them all), but their service speaks for itself. I'm thankful that none of the other sites had a SoT hack that was updated, lest I wouldn't have found this great community.


    Edit: Their not they're

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    Thank you for the testimony. I've moved your thread to the testimonials section

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    Thanks for the testimonial! We're glad you found us too! I've extended your membership a bit



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