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Thread: Ark testimonial

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    Ark testimonial

    Was a sceptic from the get go, all these cheat options for so many games for less than the cost of one of these games? No PayPal? Seems fishy but I was desperate. Finding the top wild dinos can take multiple days if not weeks to get enough. Sure enough my PVE server does not use the anti cheat so I loaded right in blind (hardly and documentation on the cheat). I hit insert adjust some stuff and I was hunting level 150 wild dinos within 20 seconds. Yes, it's that simple. Aimbotting wild dinos to tame them when trapped saves me resources on those "surely that hit come on Wild Card!!!" dart moments.

    You won't regret your purchase. READ what you're buying and you will not be let down!

    Thank you for shaving weeks of work every month.


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    Glad you gave us a try, and thanks for the testimonial! I've extended your membership a bit



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