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    [Gorkirix] Sea Of Thieves

    Game: Sea Of Thieves

    Testimonial: I was able to try this great mod menu and I can say that it is amazing for the following reasons:
    .- Cannon shots are more effective to hit the enemy (either player ship or ghost ship).
    .- The main gun shots are easier to hit because the AimBot system is amazing.
    .- The item visualization is great (You can't see the chests underground but you can see all the loose items on each island).
    .- Its 2d radar is amazing so you don't have to be looking at the map every time.
    .- The amount of options to configure it has. Lots of variety.

    I highly recommend buying this mod menu if you are looking to advance faster in the Sea Of Thieves adventure. It helps a lot.

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    Thank you very much for the detailed review, glad you are enjoy the SOT cheat

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    Nice testimonial, we appreciate it +3 days of bonus time are added to your membership.



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