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    Cool Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life - WALLHAX

    I've been playing SOT for a while and I was pretty good at the game so it got pretty boring just randomly sailing so I decided to give WALLHAX a try. It was my first time buying actual cheats for any game so I was a little worried but through the Testimonials and Reviews I had trust.
    Not to mention, the price, only $20 (CAD) a month for me!

    Downloading & Launching the client is super simple and injecting the cheat is even easier.

    I was very surprised at how amazing these cheats are. You have a little minimap to let you know where NPC's, Ships, and Treasures are. You also have a very nice ESP letting you know where everyone is even tagging the forts and world events!
    There is also the "Aimbot" option but, honestly, you should keep it off as aiming manually is better & safer.

    TLDR :

    Great cheat, easy client setup, easy game menu, amazing product overall. Extremely worth it for the price!

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    Thank you for writing this! I've extended your subscription by +3 days.



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